Arizona's Reliable Transmissions. A Local, Family Owned & Operated Transmission Specialty Shop.

We Specialize In Transmissions

Within the myriad of auto repair options available throughout the valley, our distinct edge comes from our focused expertise in transmission services. At our core, we are specialists in the intricate world of transmission repairs, offering comprehensive services that include diagnosing issues, repairing malfunctions, rebuilding, or even replacing transmissions across all vehicle types. Whether your vehicle is equipped with a standard, automatic, CVT, or DCT transmission, our skilled technicians are equipped to handle them all. From custom and classic cars to high-performance and heavy-duty vehicles, along with both foreign and domestic models, our capability spans the full spectrum. Our promise is simple: if your vehicle has a transmission, we have the expertise to diagnose, repair, rebuild, or replace it, ensuring your vehicle performs at its best.

Experienced Transmission Shop

Boasting over 40 years of dedicated service, our transmission repair expertise is not just a profession—it’s a family legacy that has been passed down through generations. Since the 1970s, our journey in mastering transmission repairs began in Canada, eventually spanning across North America, from the bustling streets of New York to various locations across the country. This rich history and widespread experience have not only honed our skills but also expanded our network, making us one of the most seasoned and connected transmission shops you’ll encounter. With a foundation built on decades of knowledge and a passion for transmissions that runs in our blood, we bring an unmatched depth of understanding and skill to every repair, rebuild, or replacement we undertake. Our extensive background and vast network place us in a unique position to provide unparalleled service, making it a challenge to find another shop with our level of experience and resources.

The Best Transmission Shop For You

In the competitive realm of transmission repair, discerning the best transmission shop can seem daunting, yet a few key factors elevate us above the rest. At the heart of our distinction is the unparalleled quality of our work, underpinned by our profound specialization and expertise in transmissions. Our singular focus on transmissions, a craft we have refined over decades, ensures that we offer nothing but the highest level of knowledge and service in this complex area. We understand that trust is paramount, which is why honesty and transparency are cornerstones of our operations. Our commitment to fairness is reflected in the best pricing and the best warranties we can offer, providing peace of mind and reliability that our customers can count on. We believe in quality, honesty, and reliability, coupled with a swift turnaround time to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. It’s these principles that not only make us the best choice for your transmission needs but also a partner you can trust for straightforward, quality service.

Jr A Master Transmission Rebuilder Has Been Repairing and Rebuilding Transmission for over 40 years
Jr A Master Transmission Rebuilder Has Been Repairing and Rebuilding Transmission for over 40 years

There Are So Many Transmission Shops In Town, WHY Go To Arizona’s Reliable Transmissions?

Why Not?? 

As one of the most experienced shops in town were willing to put it all on the table. We’ll beat any price and or warranty in town. We’ve got better ratings, quicker turn around times, and better customer service than the other guys. We actually rebuild and repair our own transmissions in house.

We offer a free diagnostic because others don’t. They rely on you paying for an expensive tow to get to their shop, then paying for their diagnosis which ultimately leads to a huge repair bill. Your already invested hundred of dollars making it difficult to get a second opinion.

With Az Reliable you’ll get a fair and honest diag, with options to repair, rebuild or replace your transmission if needed. 

Save time and money over dealerships and mechanics that don’t offer repairs or rebuilds, and get more warranty. 

Lastly is the service. We’re family owned, our customers keep food on the table. You’re our priority which is why our quality and service wont be beat. And nobody is perfect if and when there is an issue we will urgently address it and make sure it’s corrected and that your compensated for any inconvenience. 

The Best Transmission Services From Arizona's Reliable Transmissions: Better Price, Quality, Turnaround Time, Service & Warranty

Save Time & Money On Your Transmission Services

With over 40 years of experience, our transmission repair expertise ensures quick, reliable, and affordable service. Dealerships, burdened by high overhead, charge premium labor rates and often replace transmissions with costly remanufactured units. Unlike many, we don’t resort to junkyard replacements or overpriced reman units. Our skills surpass typical mechanics and shops that may offer unreliable fixes or prolonged, ineffective repairs.

Maintain & Service Your Transmission Fluids To Prevent Expensive Repairs. 

Did you know that your transmission has oil and needs to be changed just like the engine and its oil? Although not as common, transmission fluids do need to be changed at some point. Each manufacturer and transmission type is different. We offer a free transmission checkup which will allow us to check the your transmissions fluid levels and condition. 

Are You Leaking Transmission Fluids?

Transmission Oil Leak? Contact us or come in right away for a free check. If your noticing transmission fluid leaking or if your low on fluids it could cause costly damages. Its important to keep the right amount of healthy fluids to lubricate and cool your transmission.

We Work On All Types Of Transmissions, From Every Manufacturer, New & Old, Foreign & Domestic: Chevy, Dodge, Ford, BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, Chrysler, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Cadillac, Audi, Toyota, Buick, Lexus and more!

Arizona’s Reliable Transmissions Customer Reviews Shows Why We Are The Best Shop With The Best Customers

My transmission was having issues in my family’s 2017 Dodge Caravan, I called a few places but couldn’t really get any solid information about what could be wrong. I came across Arizona’s Reliable Transmissions and they were straight to the point, they told me what the possible issues could be and I then just dropped my van off with them for a few hours for a free external diagnostic. It was just a solenoid pack issue & they had my vehicle fixed the same day! I’m forever grateful they saved me so much time and money!
Carlos Garcia Montes
Carlos Garcia Montes
My transmission in my 2014 Dodge Ram went out. I was looking for transmission shops that would work with my extended warranty company and I came across Arizonas Reliable Transmissions. They were actually apart of the preferred network of shops for car shield so I went with them. They made the whole process very easy, all I had to do was drop my vehicle off with them and they took it from there contacting the warranty company and getting everything rolling. They kept me updated throughout the whole process and had me back in my vehicle within a week.
Dennis Hernandez
Dennis Hernandez
I have a 2018 Chevrolet Suburban that was having weird shuttering issue. I took it over to Aamco they told me I needed to have the transmission rebuilt. I took it over to Arizona’s Reliable Transmissions for a 2nd opinion, come to find out it was just a matter of a fluid exchange & a transmission computer module update. Took it in on a Monday got it back on Tuesday running perfectly. Saved me thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend
Daniel Cruz
Daniel Cruz
Sean and the guys do amazing work. I have trusted them for years to handle all of my transmission repairs. I'm a partner in a shop next to his but I did do mobile repair for a number of years prior and Sean at AZ reliable was always my guy
Matthew Ireland
Matthew Ireland
Car has been shifting hard, so I took it in to A.R.T. Very friendly staff, and they test drove it for a long while but couldn't get it to shift hard (my curse with vehicles). Since they couldn't find anything wrong with it, they said they couldn't provide a diagnosis and didn't charge me anything. I went ahead and had them do a transmission service anyway and they were quick and reasonably priced. Will be back when the shifting issue becomes more frequent.
Christian Martinez
Christian Martinez
Great work. Fast and reliable. Best price I Anywhere
debi cast
debi cast