Transmission Shop Services

AZ Reliable Transmissions Shop's Services

As Arizona’s best transmission shop for quality, reliable and affordable transmissions we always start with a free diagnostics. We will road test, check fluids, temperatures, scan the computers and attempt to determine what’s wrong with your transmission, or not.

Transmission Maintenance

Before we worry about repairing a bad transmission lets start with taking care of it. We do all types of transmission fluids and filter changes including CVT and DCT fluid services

Transmission Repairs

In the event that your transmission is repairable we isolate the issue and repair or replace certain parts of the transmission. This is usually quicker and cheaper than a rebuild or replacement

Transmission Rebuilds

Often times when a transmission is damaged beyond a simple repair your forced to rebuild it or replace it. Sometimes you can rebuild it, with better parts to address the common failures for less than a replacement.

Transmission Replacement

If your transmission beyond a repair and impossible to rebuild. Or if it might be more affordable to replace it. We can replace your transmission with a dealer remanufactured unit or a quality used unit with warranty

CUstom, Performance & HD Builds

We love to show our experience and skill with our impressive options for building custom, performance or HD transmissions. Classics, high performance and heavy duty builds are our specialty

Our Specialty Transmission Shop Services, Repairs & Rebuilds All Types Of Transmissions, All Brands Of Transmissions, From All The Automobile Manufacturers

We Do Walk-Ins & Appointments

Contact us for a free transmission check, or scheduled maintenance to make sure your transmission is healthy

Transmission Specialty Services

Only The Best Transmission Shops Can Do It All


    We diagnose, repair and rebuild standard transmissions and it's components including clutches, flywheels, shifter assemblies, gears and synchronizers. We also build performance standard transimssions


    We gladly diagnose, service, fluid change, repair and or rebuild CVT transmissions on all makes and models. These unique transmissions are expensive, take a very special fluid and most have common failures that can be repaired for much less than it cost to replace.

  • DCT Transmissions

    We are very experienced and well versed with diagnosing, repairs, and rebuilding DCT transmissions. The DCT transmission uses a dual clutch system with a series of actuators and levers along with a complex computer controller to operate the the external and dual clutch system. These transmissions have common issues with the computer, the external clutch, levers and actuators.

Let Our Customers Tell You Why We're The Best Transmission Shop For you

The best transmission shop for reliable, quality and affordable expert transmission work.

Transmission Repair FAQ's

The cost to repair a transmission will vary based on many factors including the year make and model of your vehicle, which transmission you have, how damaged it is or what's wrong with it. We will diagnose your transmission for free and learn as much as we can before taking it apart or opening it. We have the best prices and warranty in town. You'll save a lot of time and money with AZ Reliable vs. going to the dealership or one of the other shops in town that offer transmission repairs. 

Repair times can vary greatly based on what's wrong with the transmission, parts availability, and the vehicle itself. A front wheel drive CVT transmission takes much more time to remove and replace than a 2 wheel drive pickup truck. Parts can also be special orders if they aren't in stock at the dealer or local transmission parts supplier. Our goal is to get your vehicle back as quickly and painlessly as possible. Common transmission can be repaired or rebuilt in as little as a day. Our goal is to get even the hardest jobs done within 3-4 days if we can. 

We offer the best warranties in town. Warranties can vary greatly based on the work being performed. For example a replacement transmission may come from dealer with a 1 year or 2 year warranty. A quality used transmission typically comes from LKQ or Arizona Auto Parts and they offer various warrantys ranging from 6 months to a year or more. We negotiate to get you the best warranty possible and pass that warranty directly to you. We match the parts warranty with an equal labor warranty. On rebuilds we offer various options sometimes as much as 5 years or 50k miles which is more than any dealership or one of the other guys doing transmissions. Some transmissions and parts will be limited based on the manufacturer and parts. 

Unexpected transmission repairs can be expensive and often times more than what your budget calls for. We've partnered with several company that offer auto repair lending for customers just like you. Between the several lenders that we work with there are options for bad credit, no credit financing with affordable payment plans. Some lenders offer a $0 down and or 0% interest repair loans. The application process is simple, with quick and easy results that same day. 

Walk-In Or Schedule For Transmission Services

We take walk-ins every day but we will prioritize a scheduled appointment and can be ready in most cases if we know what the job is. For example we prefer to schedule a transmission service and fluids change ahead of time so we can make sure we have the correct transmission fluid and filters. Otherwise the process can end up taking hours longer while we track down and wait for parts delivery

Free Transmission Diagnostics

Remember that we offer a free transmission health check. Most transmissions that arrive here broken, destroyed and needing repairs could have been properly cared for and lasted much longer before failure. Arizona is one of the worst climates for a transmission with the pavements being so hot and the high population causing plenty of stop and go traffic. A transmission failure is more likely to occur when the transmission is running hot.